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What people are saying about Mite-Rid

"I have sprayed Mite-Rid in two different applications one inside and one in a greenhouse situation. Both of them where the dreaded Mendo mite which is immune to everything we have sprayed to date. We have been spraying other products for weeks now. Each time we would spray something else they would be back in two days. We sprayed one application only of Mite-Rid and have had no fresh activity. We did spray a second application just because. Our friends didn't believe us that Mite-Rid would do the job, so we ended up giving them the product on the proviso that if it worked they would then pay, they have all returned to pay us. Its the first time ever that I have fully recommended a pest control product. Many thanks again Mite-Rid." Sean, from Service Unlimited, South Lake Tahoe
"After reading many blogs about how well Mite-Rid works, we had to try it ourselves. . . sure enough, it stands true to it's name. Mite-Rid was very mild on our plants, and very tough on the spider mites. Two applications, and they were GONE! Our customers are also very happy to see that we are carrying this product, and the feedback we are getting has been nothing but positive. Treating spider mites has never been this easy, thanks Mite-Rid!" -Kim at the Hydro Shack, Frisco, Colorado
"Ya know mate, every person who I have put on to this has NEVER needed a second application. I know for a fact that all the grow advisors at 420 magazine are still using this, and now the staff at Treating Yourself are using it."
(email - Sat, Jul 18, 2009 )

"I've been using this stuff for years! Nothing better IMO. We need a US outlet for it. " ( blog- 03-11-2008)

Israel, France, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, New fact everywhere we've sold Mite-Rid we hear the same thing...

Mite-Rid really works...

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